Apply now: proof of concept funding from the THYME project

Staff at the universities of York, Hull and Teesside can apply for the second round of funding: £30 – 50K for proof of concept projects that address one of the THYME project’s grand challenges for the regional bioeconomy.

THYME can also support placements and co-working with other THYME project partners and provide entrepreneurship training for THYME university staff.

The THYME project has previously awarded a total of £350,00 to seven projects aimed at addressing challenges identified for the bioeconomy of the Yorkshire, Humber and Teesside region. Each of the projects feature partners from two of the three THYME universities (Hull, York and Teesside), as well as an industrial partner. From the finding out the commercial viability of sustainable feedstocks for the production of pharmaceutical products to increasing protein production by exploiting stable protein aggregation – be inspired and find out more about THYME’s successful projects.

To apply for this round of proof of concept funding, please visit the THYME website for more details. The deadline to apply is: Friday 6th September 2019.

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