BDC signs-up 100th project!

It’s almost Easter and the first quarter of the year is already over. We’ve had a busy few months, and are pleased to announce that we have just signed up our 100th Project!

For our newest client, we are looking into the possible causes of early food spoilage and hope to be able to make a big difference to their business and avoid the excess food waste.

We’ve also been exploring opportunities to add value to the main by-product of biogas production; improving the properties of a food product; exploring the use of micro-bubble technology and researching alternative ingredients for a range of bio-based personal care products. And as usual, our pelletisers have been busy producing pellets from all sorts of raw materials with different binders for a variety of energy and feed uses.

Our clients currently make up a diverse array of companies, including personal care manufacturers, brewers, landscapers, vegetable oil producers, plant breeders, environmental technology businesses and many more.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have a problem you could do with specialist support on.

Don’t forget, we can help regional SMEs through our funded support and have another 90 projects to award before June 2015. In addition, we will shortly be opening call two for our capital grants (64% funded, up to £32k per SME) so do get in touch if you feel inspired to discuss a project with us.

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