3730 DNA Analyzer

The 3730 DNA Analyzer from Life Technologies is used for genetic analysis projects and can be used for medium- to high-throughput analysis of a range of DNA sequence motifs or markers.

The 3730 DNA Analyzer is a capillary electrophoresis system able to process 48 samples in parallel over 48-hours of unattended operation. This fully automated equipment can be employed for fast-track breeding of desired organisms, validation of SNP markers and routine diagnostic purposes. DNA fragment analysis may include screening for microsatellites, AFLPs and SNPs, LOH, mutation detection and methylation studies. Assays for molecular markers developed for the 3730 DNA Analyzer can be successfully used in comparative genomics and genomics to investigate the genetic control of morphological traits to estimate phenotypic diversity in studied species.

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Technical Specs

For more information, please go to: 3730 DNA Analyzer

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