Benchtop NMR analyser

The Benchtop NMR Analyser is based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) and allows for fast, accurate, reproducible and solvent-free measurement of oil, fat and moisture in oil seeds, seed cake and foodstuffs.

NMR is based on the ability of hydrogen protons in a sample, placed within a strong magnetic field, to resonate when pulsed with radio waves of a specific frequency.  The protons absorb and re-emit the radio energy. By measuring the intensity of the emitted energy and calibrating the emitted resonance signal against samples of known content, it is possible to perform quantitative measurements.

Weighed samples, loaded into tubes, can be measured directly without the need for grinding or other forms of sample preparation, in most cases.  The instrument takes measurements on the constituent of interest in its natural state, with the measurements only taking a few seconds.  Accurate measurements are guaranteed as the NMR signal is generated from all parts of the sample, not just the surface.

Applications include oil and moisture content of oil seeds as part of breeding programs or field trials.  Oil seed crushing or expelling can be monitored by determining the oil content in both seed and presscake – providing near-immediate feedback on equipment/process performance.

To learn more about how our benchtop NMR analyser can be put to use speak to our analytical specialist Raymond.

Technical Specs

The instrument at the BDC is the Oxford Instruments MQC-23, with 18 mm and 26 mm probes.

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