The Carbolite custom furnace is a continuous oven with an Inconel tube capable of reaching temperatures of 1000°C. It allows the heating of organic material in the absence of oxygen. The furnace has a 50 L hopper and a heated section length of 2 metres with three programmable heated sections. Material is fed through the furnace via an auger system and can be ran in either continuous or batch mode. The BDC system is used to produce porous carbon-based materials such as activated carbon or Starbons®.

The throughput of the furnace is dependent on the material being processed, however there is a 60 L collection bin and a 20L collection pot for any by-products being produced. The furnace has been custom built by the Carbolite GERO and more information is provided in the attached link:

If you would like to use furnace for your project, please contact Peter.

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