Fibre expansion vessel

This is a pressurised vessel which allows us to pre-treat biomass in a range of alkaline and acid conditions at high temperatures and pressures.

This unit can be used for the pre-treatment of a variety of lignocellulosic materials such as willow, Miscanthus or maize.  In addition, this vessel can be employed for fibre expansion, which is the separation of biomass fibres by rapid decompression. This pre-treatment improves the hydrolysis of the biomass material, which is one of the first stages in the production of biofuels.

To learn more about how our fibre expansion vessel can be put to use speak to our specialist Mark.

Technical Specs

The capacity of the vessel is 100 litres, and it can operate at controlled pressure (up to 12 bar) and temperature (up to 190°C).

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