Fragment analyzer

The Fragment Analyzer Auto Capillary Electrophoresis system from Advanced Analytical Technologies Inc is used for accurately sizing and quantifying DNA or RNA. It is different to the Agilent 2200 TapeStation Nucleic Acids system, in that it may be used to identify alterations in DNA sequences of interest, usually genes, which may account for partial or total loss of a particular function within the plant or microbe under analysis. Assays may be designed in a high-throughput capacity to identify single base changes or small deletions/insertions in genes of interest.

Within our Bioscience Innovation Team, it is used as a platform for heteroduplex mapping (mutation detection), a reverse genetics technique, employed to identify induced or natural variation within specific user-defined genomic sequences, e.g. genes within a biosynthetic pathway of interest, promoters or other regulatory regions.

To use the Fragment Analyzer or for more details, please speak to Debs.

Technical Specs

Features of the Fragment Analyzer include:
  • 96-well sample plate format
  • 80cm total length capillary array, allowing for a separation resolution of as little as 3bp
  • detection limits of 5pg/ul for single fragments
  • resolution of a wide range of dsDNA fragments from 10bp – 40,000bp
  • high sensitivity allows direct injection of PCR samples without the need for additional desalting or cleanup steps
For more information, please go to: AATI website

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