Water analysis

Hache Lange spectrophotometer offers a safe, easy and versatile system to measure various characteristics of water streams. The apparatus is able to test over fifty parameters over a wide range of concentrations, thereby making the instrument useful to a wide variety of projects such as anaerobic digestion, water contamination, waste streams and fertiliser. The spectrophotometer works in conjunction with a high temperature thermostat which can reduce test times from hours to minutes.

The system works by adding a known amount of the material to be analysed to a specific test vial, once heated in the thermostat the vial is placed in the analyser. The analyser using the RFID chip in the test vial, will carry out the correct measurements,based on colour change, for the test being carried out. Available tests include, biological and chemical oxygen demand (BOD and COD), ammonia, total N, chloride, nitrate, cyanide, carbonate and many more.

In addition to the spectrophotometer the BDC has also acquired the Hach Lange BODTrak II. This is a respirometric BOD test as opposed to the dilution method offered by the spectrophotometer. The BODTrak II has some advantages over the dilution method such as reduced sample preparation time, calibration and dissolved oxygen measurements are not necessary and the process is continuously monitored by the equipment giving a profile of the biochemical oxygen demand over the course of the test.

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Technical Specs

Visit the Hache Lange website for more information: www.hach-lange.co.uk

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