Ion Torrent personal genome machine

The Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine (PGM) and associated sample preparation equipment are designed to allow the rapid sequencing of DNA or RNA. It is ideal for assessing gene expression or for small genomics projects, delivering up to 2 Gb of data in just a few hours. The system and its associated equipment, the One Touch 2 template preparation system, allow for automated, scalable and reproducible results.

The chips used for sequencing have up to 11 million micro-machined wells, allowing for high-throughput parallel sequencing, with the additional option of sample barcoding for greater cost effectiveness.

The Ion PGM Sequencer employs semiconductor sequencing and is thus able to detect nucleotide incorporation into the growing strand of DNA in each micro-well without the use of chemiluminescence or fluorescence etc, resulting in smaller, more easily manageable data files. The direct detection system enables rapid generation of data, with run times averaging 2-8 hours, depending on the type of run and application.

Within our Bioscience Innovation Team, the Ion Torrent PGM system is used for a wide variety of sequencing applications including small genome sequencing, BAC library sequencing, transcriptomic studies, amplicon sequencing, marker identification and bacterial typing.

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Technical Specs

Currently, throughput is up to 2 Gb per run, depending on application and sample type, with a read length of up to 400 bp. Output file formats include FASTQ and SFF, accessible through the web portal, and the Torrent Suite software is able to perform preliminary reference sequence alignment. For more information, please go to: Ion Torrent PGM system

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