Oxidative stability analyser

The Metrohm Rancimat helps us determine the oxidation stability of natural fats and oils.   The instrument works on the principle of passing air through a test sample at an elevated temperature, causing accelerated aging of the sample.

During this process long-chain fatty molecules are oxidised, decomposing to form highly volatile organic substances and insoluble polymeric compounds.  The highly volatile substances are collected in a water trap and detected by measuring the conductivity.  The time taken for these decomposition products to form is called the induction time and characterises the resistance of the test sample to oxidative decomposition, that is, the oxidation stability.  The instrument is controlled by computer software providing data recording and evaluation.

Oxidation stability is an important quality measurement for vegetable oils (and biodiesel).  The technique is important for development of vegetable oil processing and characterisation of antioxidants. Evaluation of the data can allow estimation of product ‘shelf-life’.

To learn more about oxidative stability determination of natural oils and fats, speak to our analytical specialist Raymond.

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