Microwave pyrolysis unit

This is in essence a domestic microwave’s big brother and allows us to heat up organic materials in the absence of oxygen (pyrolysis) for a wide range of industrial applications such as energy and chemicals production.

This unit can pyrolyse a variety of biomass which can then be separated into bio-char and fractionated bio-oil using the integral product collection system.

In contrast to a domestic microwave, this machine is capable of continuous flow up to 30 kg/hour at variable power (6 kW) and has been custom built by SAIREM for the BDC.  This unique patented technology was developed here at York and is particularly novel as it is a low temperature method (less than 200°C) and separates the bio-oil products into more useful groups.

We have a long history of working with microwave technology for synthesis, extraction, hydrolysis and pyrolysis.

To learn more about how our microwave can be put to use speak to our pyrolysis specialist Mark.

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