Pelletising is the process of compressing light material into the form of a pellet. This has many advantages, mainly by reducing dust in transport and increasing the density of the material being transported.

We have a flexible range of FarmFeed Systems pelleting units:

  • Our smaller Minipress unit can produce wood and straw pellets at a rate of 3 kg/hr. On this unit moisture and oil can be added via a drip feed system.
  • Our larger unit can operate 100 kg/hr and has a full range of straw and wood dyes – making it fully flexible. The addition of binders, oil and moisture is controlled via a screw or pump.

Although the equipment is designed to pelletise wood and straw, we are not limited to these raw materials, and look forward to new requests.

To learn more about how our pelleting equipment can be put to use speak to our specialist Peter.

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