Seed processing

We have a range of pre-processing equipment to enable us to work with the interesting oils found in seed crops.

Firstly, to remove the hulls and shells from the seeds we have a continuous impact huller.  This machine removes the hulls from seeds by throwing them at high speed into a steel plate.  The impact shatters the hard outer casing of the seed and the hull and kernel are then separated in a cyclone.

To extract the oil the seed kernel is then pressed through our Alvan Blanch 150 kg/hr continuous seed press.  Seeds can, if required, be heated prior to pressing to improve the flow of the expelled oil.  The seeds are expelled under high forces through a series of plates.  This crushes the seed, the oil drains from the meal under gravity to a collection tank and the meal is collected at the end of the rig.

Furthermore, we have bench top versions of these items to allow us to develop conditions with small volumes of material or work with experimental size batches of novel seeds (<200 g).

To learn more about how our seed processing equipment can be used speak to our seed specialist Mark.

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