SNPline system

The SNPline system is a modular, high-throughput genotyping platform for the analysis of single base changes or insertions/deletions in DNA sequences of interest. The process uses a fluorescence-based assay known as KASP (Kompetitive Alelle Specific PCR), developed by LGC Genomics.

This allele-specific analysis is widely used in the genetic analysis of human and animal disease, cattle and plant traceability and fast-track plant breeding.

To learn more about the SNPline system and potential applications, please speak to Debs.

Technical Specs

Flexibility within the system allows the analysis of many single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) over thousands of samples with rapid turnaround time. The system comprises a flexible 96-well or 384-well assay format, thermal or laser plate sealing, rapid assay assembly using the programmable low-volume Meridian dispenser and Hydrocycler waterbath-based thermal cycling. End-point fluorescence plate reading is achieved using the ViiA7 Real Time PCR systemBarcoded samples and reagents help to ensure accurate sample and assay tracking. For more information, please go to: SNPline system

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