Bioscience Innovation Team Manager

Debs feels privileged to lead the Bioscience Innovation Team in delivering projects in the biorenewables sector, ranging from plant breeding and genetic analysis, to microbial botechnology, waste valorisation and anaerobic digestion. In her spare time, she enjoys music and walking her dog and has ambitions to play alto saxaphone.

Debs holds a PhD in microbial genetics from the University of Birmingham, and has over 26 years post-doctoral experience in research, problem solving, management and leadership, project planning and implementation. Before joining the BDC, Debs worked at leading institutions including the University of Cambridge and CNAP, developing uses for novel enzymes as components in biocatalysis, bioremediation and biosensor applications. At CNAP, Debs was also a team leader within a major plant breeding project to improve yields of a naturally-occuring anti-malarial compound.

Since joining the BDC, Debs has relished the opportunity of working with research institutes and companies, large and small, seeing real impact in helping them tackle sustainability challenges, develop new products and processes and identify ways of adding value to their waste streams.

Get in touch to find out how Debs and her team can help you identify novel resources, add value to waste or help improve existing microbial/plant feedstocks: or 01904 32 8054.

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