Senior Technologist


Rosie specialises in microbial biotechnology and has a passion for working on projects involving the conversion of low-value waste streams into high-value chemicals and proteins using fermentation. While at the BDC she has delivered a number of projects within this area working alongside clients to either develop novel applications or guiding them in process optimisation. When she’s not in the lab, Rosie is a keen cook and likes to try out new recipes.

Traditional microbiology is also an important part of her role having worked on a wide range of projects involving antimicrobial testing, microbial identification, microbial quality/contamination issues and product development.

Rosie is an experienced microbiologist, previously having spent over ten years working for some of the leading companies in the Pharmaceutical and Food industries.

Get in touch with Rosie to discuss any microbial biotechnology or microbiological opportunities: or 01904 32 8053.

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