Desk-based assessments

Before embarking on making changes in a business, it is useful to see what has already been done in the area, so as not to reinvent the wheel and find a more targeted approach to the challenge at hand. That is where our desk-based studies can come into play: with access to the latest scientific publications, patents, market analyses and over 100 scientists  in the fields of chemistry and biology at the University of York, we are well placed to explore what options are available to you.

Some of the most popular reasons for commissioning one of our desk-based reports are to explore:

  • opportunities to turn biowaste (e.g. orange peel, brewery waste grain) into useful commercial products – to reduce disposal costs for your business and in some cases, turn these costs into a profit.
  • opportunities to find alternative sources of bio-based materials for one of your processes – to increase the sustainability of your product and use local materials.
  • how changing industry regulations might affect your business and how you can modify your processes to achieve compliance.

Once the groundwork has been laid through one of our desk-based reports, we are also able to explore the practicality and feasibility of the findings for your business in our scale up facilities

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