Try before you buy: funded support to help you identify and buy new equipment for your bio-based processing

Are you looking to innovate in your business, with a new bio-based process or product? If you are an eligible SME, the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) and the PAPI programme have funding to support you and help you de-risk your investment.

Identifying the process and equipment you need

The BDC can provide 12 – 20 hours of specialist funded support, to help you understand the chemical and biological processing that is needed for your product development, and the technical equipment you will need. They may even be able to test run your material using their wide range of specialist equipment, at their pilot-scale processing centre near York.

Funding your purchase

Once you know which equipment you will need, the PAPI team will be able to guide on you whether they can part-fund the purchase with a 40% capital grant of up to £20,000.

Both the BDC and PAPI can support eligible SMEs within the Leeds City Region (LCR) and York and North Yorkshire.

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