Innovation in Yorkshire

At the BDC we continue our ambitious plans to support the widespread use of biorenewables across the world. A key part of this journey is to help our local economy – at home in Yorkshire – to flourish by:

  • making use of local materials,
  • adopting innovative technologies and
  • building new supply chains.

This has been a major focus for the BDC since our launch 2012, 2015 and 2018 saw us complete the delivery of three European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) programmes designed to help over 300 local businesses innovate. Based on the success of these programmes, we have secured £2.1 M of funding to help our clients access innovative products, processes or services developed from renewable, biological resources through the launch of the new Bioeconomy Growth Programme. 

Figure 1. Projects delivered to the SMEs in Leeds City Region (orange) and York, North Yorkshire and East Riding (green) LEP areas during 2015-2018 as part of the ERDF-funded programme.

Working together with our colleagues in BioVale we are now supporting the delivery of the “Bioeconomy Growth Programme”. Together, we will provide 116 pre-funded projects for local SMEs by 2023.  On average, Yorkshire businesses are known to underspend on R&D and be less innovative than other businesses in other UK regions. The BDC seeks to redress the balance by helping local SMEs explore how they can profit from innovations in the multi-billion-pound opportunity presented by the bioeconomy.

Check out this brief overview for further information and a snapshot of what this has meant for previous clients. But most importantly: get in touch with Helen or Dion to discuss whether this funding might be suitable for your business.

With thanks to our funders who are supporting our commitment to apply scientific research to business challenges at the interface between academia and industry:

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