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The BDC European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Project is able to support small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from Yorkshire and the Humber to develop their businesses through the use of biorenewable materials. Whether you are assessing a raw material, needing a new process to develop it, or looking for new bio-based products/ingredients, this funding could be for you.

For example, we have been able to offer the following funded support to eligible SMEs:

  • Two days of business support to work on a discrete project – whether desk-based or in our labs
  • Capital grants representing a 64% contribution to the purchase of equipment to test proof of concept, up to a grant value of £32,000

Our work can cover almost any project that uses materials that are biorenewable (e.g. plants, food, and their associated wastes, or processes linked to these materials), so check out our case studies for some example projects and do get in touch if you have any ideas you would like to discuss!

Please see below for further details on our past funding options and don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss current opportunities.

Funded business support

Our funded business support is available to eligible SMEs (see below) for a range of projects using any of our services  and facilities to help develop innovative biorenewables-based products for your business. Each project is a minimum of two days of business support, which can be desk-based research or involve work in one of our laboratories. Once the project is concluded, we will also be able to advise on other opportunities to take the work further.

We have delivered over 200 ERDF-funded projects for many diverse clients.  So don’t wait – get in touch now to explore using this funding opportunity for your project!

Biorenewables Capital Grant Scheme (BCGS)

The Biorenewables Capital Grant Scheme (BCGS) is a great opportunity for eligible SMEs (see below) to buy key pieces of equipment to undertake an innovative proof of concept bio-based project. The grant can award funding for 64% of your project; so you could receive up to £32,000 towards a £50,000 piece of equipment. Typical projects will:

  • support the use of biobased materials (such as wood, plant-matter, food waste, paper, textiles, plant-based chemicals etc.);
  • represent an original approach to working with these materials; and
  • contribute to new products, services and/or jobs for your business.

The BCGS was able to award 19 grants following a competitive application process. Check out how our work helped local businesses Landplan and The Innocent Pet Care Company to grow their business.

Sounds great, but am I eligible?

The scope of your project must fall within the area of biorenewables and demonstrate innovation – do get in touch to discuss your needs as biorenewables can cover a vast variety of projects, from turning grass clippings into energy to breeding microbes, so there may well be a biorenewables angle we can explore!

Beyond this, there are two key qualifying criteria for the funding:

  • Location: Because the funding for the scheme is targeted at companies in specific regions, the BDC can only use this funding to support companies which have an activity base in North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire, West Yorkshire and Humberside. Use this map to see if you are in the region we can support.
  • Company size: Because the funding is aimed at small and medium sized enterprises, your company must fulfil the EU SME criteria. The definition is quite complex, but in general to qualify for our funded support, your company must: have less than 250 employees AND have a turnover less than €50m or a balance sheet less than €43m.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss projects further; our business development team will advise on any eligibility questions and link you up with our most appropriate technologist to take the project further.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Funded support

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