Flexible project funding

At the BDC we are all about helping to commercialise products and processes that help drive the bioeconomy – replacing fossil resources with biorenewable alternatives made from plants and unavoidable wastes.

Our most important contribution will be helping our partners show the potential of innovative ideas at a commercially-relevant scale and navigate the so-called ‘valley of death’. We can support businesses of all kinds no matter their need: whether dipping their toe in the bioeconomy waters to explore the opportunities; collaborative research projects with academia and industry; or highly-confidential, fast-turnaround projects.

We adopt a very flexible approach to project funding, and always seek to find the right package for your business. We help organisations across the globe benefit from biorefining opportunities, and remain committed to supporting our local economy by running pre-funded innovation projects for Yorkshire businesses. Check out our most common project types below.

Funded support for small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs)

To help overcome your technical barriers, we have a range of pre-funded support programmes including European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funding and other business advisory programmes. Our multidisciplinary team of biologists, chemists and innovation advisors bring an effective blend of specialisms to any project, we have helped over 400 local SMEs de-risk and rapidly commercialise their bio-based innovations.

Offering a full support package, we have a team of innovation advisers who offer market research analysis, regulatory scanning, specialist sector business advice, bid development, commercialisation and project management for those looking to develop their bio-based products or processes further than the lab. The BDC is also home to the BioVale Innovation Cluster, an initiative to support clients to build partnerships or collaborations, develop entrepreneurship skills, offer communication and marketing advice and help access overseas markets for clients wanting to build bio-based supply chains and inward investment.

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Collaborative grants

A  wide variety of grant funding is available for different types of businesses exploring innovation opportunities and sustainable technologies. We also work in a flexible way with academics and researchers both in the UK and overseas. Our team keeps abreast of current and future opportunities across a comprehensive range of funding sources and can help you explore whether collaborative funding might be suitable for your project, find collaboration partners, and support bid development. In the past we have helped our partners successfully access Knowledge Transfer PartnershipsNiBB grantsInnovateUK and Horizon2020 funding to name but a few.

The BDC is home to the BioVale Innovation Cluster, an initiative to support clients to build partnerships, collaborations or research consortiums to help access overseas markets for clients wanting to build bio-based supply chains and inward investment.

Commercial funding and tax credits

Some projects can’t wait for funding decisions and take advantage of our competitive rates for commercial projects. Depending on the nature of the work we do for you, some of your expenses may be eligible for R&D tax credits – this is something we can discuss with you as relevant.

Seize the opportunity to grow

The bioeconomy, worth €2 trillion in Europe alone, provides a multi-billion-pound opportunity for business growth and we are here to help the commercialisation of your ideas. Two studies in 2016 about the UK bioeconomy sector produced by Capital Economics, TBR and E4Tech and the KTN estimated that:

  • The UK bioeconomy could grow by 13% over the years ahead (from £52 billion in 2013 to £58 billion in 2030)
  • The UK industrial biotechnology sector could grow by over 4% per year
  • Using biomass or waste for chemicals production could bring potential long-term benefits of £8bn to the UK

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