Biomass and waste is rarely generated in a useable form, but can contain lots of valuable compounds. Typically, it has a high water content, and is bulky; so we have dedicated facilities to convert these materials into a more practical size and shape to be able to make the most out of them.

At our facilities, we have the equipment to:

  • dry large volumes of plant material,
  • hull seeds,
  • press the oil from seeds,
  • mill both wet and dry materials to a range of sizes, and
  • produce pellets.

Beyond this, we also have the capability for pre-processing biomass prior to enzymatic processing.

All our systems use technologies that are available at commercial scale and therefore pre-processing carried out in our facility can easily be carried forward into full manufacturing.

Give us a call to see how we might be able to help with the pre-treatment of your material.

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