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Image of water droplets on cardboard

Cardboard cuts out waste

Researchers at the Biorenewables Development Centre are providing a supplier of fully recyclable products with the scientific know-how to develop a novel cardboard based product range suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

'Secret formula' used to make cardboard more resistant to fire and water

Bradford-based Envirostock Ltd product ranges include a world first in skip-bags (carrying up to 8 cubic yards & 8 tones, with compartments for separate waste types, and working with all skip wagons – patent pending), waterproof alternatives to sandbags and novel pet products – to name but a few. The company also works with and mentors current design students, and is instrumental in a scheme to supports graduates.

All of the products the company produces are zero waste to landfill and ‘cradle to cradle’.

Envirostock wanted to explore entirely natural options for treating cardboard so that it could be made water and fire resistant, to a high standard. The method being used in this case is fully biodegradable, non-toxic and harmless to pets & wildlife.

Scientists at the BDC investigated different formulas of the “secret recipe” Envirostock Ltd were looking to use, and assessed performance against stringent regulatory requirements.

We conducted a series of lab-based experiments that explored the properties of the ingredients and how they would be best deployed, said Dr. Peter Hurst, Senior Process Development Technologist at the BDC. Using state of the art technologies we were able to show that this formula can significantly improve the water repellent qualities of cardboard.

This was good news for Envirostock.

We are an ambitious and dynamic company and are keen to develop new, green products, says Ed Hall, Director at Envirostock Ltd. In particular we see an opportunity to develop a niche market in environmentally friendly products using cardboard. We could, for instance, see a use for it in furniture, architecture, the pet market. We are also interested in developing potential applications for small-scale and temporary building structures in disaster relief.

We have put considerable thought and development into the design and manufacturing of our products so that no single component part needs to end up in a landfill. All of our products are fully recyclable and/or have another use when they ultimately reach the end of their working lifespan. It’s been great to team up with the BDC who share our passion for making the most out of the resources at hand, Ed added.

As a local business, Envirostock Ltd (also trading as eco-GLO) was able to take advantage of the BDC’s European Regional Development Fund program to fund this discrete piece of work. Get in touch if you are interested in funded business opportunities.