Relocation opportunities

Relocation opportunities 

All our biorefinery lab facilities are open-access, if you know what you want to do but don’t have the equipment to do it, then we can also arrange for you to spend time in our labs working alongside our experienced team. This can be on an ad hoc basis, or it can be a permanent co-working arrangement which could also include your own dedicated office space. We are conveniently located on the outskirts of York, close to major road and rail links for easy access from most parts of the UK.

Renting lab space gives your company the opportunity to access specialist equipment and expertise without the initial outlay or upkeep costs as well as share the space with like-minded entrepreneurs and other companies in the bioeconomy. You can also access our dedicated researchers and support staff who are on hand to offer support and advice.

As well as our in-house scale-up facilities the BDC offers access to state-of-the-art analytical facilities in research centres based at the University of York and has an extensive network of specialist partners offering complementary services.

To scale up our R&D and prove our ideas for a biological based nitrogen fertiliser alternative we needed access to specific lab equipment and expertise that we didn’t have in-house. The solution was to hire lab and office space at the Biorenewables Development Centre. This fantastic opportunity has given Azotic Technologies access to the high-spec equipment including fermentation, analytical equipment, protein purification and plant growth cabinets all under one roof. Steve Pearson, Chief Operating Officer at Azotic Technologies

In late 2021, Azotic Technologies made the decision to move their entire UK workforce to a site adjacent to the Biorenewables Development Centre in York. Working with Simpson York Ltd and the Biorenewables Development Centre, Azotic Technologies have designed a bespoke lab and office facilities that will represent their global research and development going forward.

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