Sectors we work with

We deliver research, development and demonstration biorefining activities along with business innovation support across a range of sectors such as food and drink, animal feed and pet food, cosmetics and chemicals, bio-energy and more recently in the supplement, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical sectors. 

We will support you to innovate and scale up your chemical and biological processing steps, typically at the 1-100 litre or 1-100 kg scale. This scale is sufficient to optimise and prove a process works, up to the pre-commercialisation stages of your product innovation journey.  

As well as laboratory-based support, we also add value through market research activity and product or customer discovery research. Many companies see us as an extension to their own team, where we provide an extra set of ideas to help solve a process challenge or accelerate a product or service improvement. 

To find out more about the sectors we work with, please explore below.