Food and drink

Food and drink

From making more with your unavoidable waste to developing and improving ingredients for better product performance, we have the technical expertise, open-access laboratory facilities and desk-based support to help you develop your food and drink (including animal food) products and processes.

We know that great things can come when businesses look to science to solve some of their biggest challenges. The work carried out by the BDC helped us to achieve our two main goals – making the highest quality spirits in the most sustainable way. Not only does our brown bottle protect the delicate flavour of our vodka, but it also incorporates more recycled content than clear glass could. We will certainly continue to work with the BDC as we strive to create a more circular business model. Tabatha Hurst, Head of Sustainability at Ellers Farm Distillery

Interactive Food Waste Map

Our Bioeconomy Cluster Development Team, working with the University of York and the consultancy Anthesis, produced an interactive map of key food waste generators in Yorkshire and the Humber.

The mapping uses publicly available data supplemented with findings from structured interviews carried out with key industries as well as data provided by BioVale’s partners. The map aims to promote understanding of where new technology and research could be used to underpin innovation partnerships with regional food manufacturing industries and develop new ways to extract value from unavoidable food waste.

To access the map, first download the free mapping software Tableau Reader.

Then download and open the Tableau Workbook below. If you have any problems accessing the map please contact us.

Tableau workbook


A copy of the final report can be downloaded here.

Interactive Food Waste Map image

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Compulsory collection of food waste: implications for anaerobic digestion

Food waste accounts for just 5% of household waste yet is responsible for around 25% of the waste sector’s carbon footprint. The Resources and Waste Strategy for England will require all English local authorities to collect food waste separately. This webinar discusses the implications of this for the AD industry and how innovation can help.

Food, drink and pet food

Case study highlight

Turning potatoes into a high-value plant-based food ingredient

Lincoln-based agritech R&D company B-hive Innovations Ltd has worked alongside Branston and the BDC to provide novel process for extracting nutritional ingredients for the vegetarian and vegan market.

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Case study highlight

Supporting sustainable distilling in the heart of Yorkshire

Ellers Farm Distillery is a producer of high-quality spirits made from British apples, balanced with a touch of potato spirit. The company is based within walking distance from Stamford Bridge in North Yorkshire. Putting them on the map of distillers is a newly built state-of-the-art distillery and visitor centre.

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