Our Work

An image of a scientist, Chris Till, working in a laboratory. (Credit - Alex Holland - BioYork Science Imagery)

Developing sustainable nitrogen for agriculture

Azotic Technologies specialises in the development and commercialisation of biologically based alternatives for nitrogen fertilisers. Their aim is to alleviate the global reliance on synthetic N2 with their Envita® technology. This enables plants to fix up to 50% of their nitrogen requirement from the air, as well as offering other plant growth benefits.

Accessing equipment and expertise

The technology is founded on the naturally occurring bacterium, Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus, originally isolated from sugarcane in Brazil. By inoculating plants with this beneficial bacterium, the plant receives nitrogen and in return supplies the bacterium with sugars and amino acids. It is an environmentally-friendly, food-grade bacterium which has been proven to increase crop yields, reduce costs to farmers and alleviate crop devastation in some of the poorest regions on earth.

Steve Pearson, Chief Operating Officer at Azotic Technologies said; To scale up our R&D and prove our ideas for a biological based nitrogen fertiliser alternative we needed access to specific lab equipment and expertise that we didn’t have in-house. The solution was to hire lab and office space at the Biorenewables Development Centre. This fantastic opportunity has given Azotic Technologies access to the high-spec equipment including fermentation, analytical equipment, protein purification and plant growth cabinets all under one roof.

Joe Ross, Director at the Biorenewables Development Centre added; We are a fantastic place for SMEs like Azotic Technologies to develop their research. Renting lab space gives companies the opportunity to access specialist equipment and expertise without the initial outlay or upkeep costs. As well as our in-house scale-up facilities, the BDC offers access to state-of-the-art analytical facilities in research centres based at the University of York.

New ventures and opportunities

In late 2021, Azotic Technologies made the decision to move their entire UK workforce to a site adjacent to the Biorenewables Development Centre in York. Working with Simpson York Ltd and the Biorenewables Development Centre, Azotic Technologies have designed a bespoke lab and office facilities that will represent their global research and development going forward.