Our Work

Image of seedlings from a growth trial

Growth trials for crop stimulants

BioElements are a manufacturer of natural products that stimulate plant development in commercially grown crops. They are a knowledge-based, research-intensive business that has the capacity to expand to new markets, strengthen the region’s reputation for novel agricultural products, and help tackle the issue of food scarcity.

Positive proof of shoot growth stimulation

The BDC was approached to provide rigorous scientific analysis to evaluate whether the product delivered on its promise to improve crop yield and vigour in a continuous cropping system. So, we evaluated the potential germination and seedling performance of wheat with and without this innovative treatment in soil sampled from different locations.

Our research revealed that the BioElements product had a significant impact on germination and the early stages of seedling growth: the product positively stimulated shoot growth of the selected wheat variety in the different soil samples.

Working with the biologists at the BDC has given us the data and confidence to push our product to the next level and took us a step closer to commercialisation, Tatiana Kondratieva, Director, Bioelements

BioElements are now exploring opportunities for taking this a step further to full field trials. If successful, this product is expected to reduce the cost and environmental stresses associated with continuous crop growth, so contributing to food security.