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Turning nature into your skin's best friend, using innovative processes and traditional remedies

GinGingers, a small skincare company based in Yorkshire, specializes in creating natural products through cold-process formulation using locally sourced ingredients.

Researching cosmetic ingredients

Their flagship product is a multi-purpose moisturising gel that harnesses the natural antimicrobial properties of apple cider vinegar (ACV), combined with active ingredients like witch hazel, liquorice root extract, and tea tree oil.

Before commercialising their Apple Cider Vinegar gel, GinGingers extensively tested the product among a wide circle of family and friends over the span of a couple of years. While, the gel was found to be extremely effective, GinGingers struggled to find any previous research evidence that would support claims about the vinegar’s topical benefits or official guidelines regarding safe dermal limits.

To address these concerns, GinGingers sought the assistance of the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC), a subsidiary of the University of York. The BDC is an open-access Research, Development and Demonstration organisation working at the interface between academia and industry to develop, scale-up and help commercialise bio-based products and processes. It provides clients with innovative ideas to convert plants, microbes and biowastes into profitable, high-value, greener products. It also offers a broad variety of technical services using state-of-the- art integrated R&D facilities in the fields of chemistry and biology. The centre also supports businesses by delivering desk-based assessments (e.g. market research, facilitating connections across the bioeconomy sector, and helping companies to find value across their supply chain. Through its BioVale Innovation Cluster team it offers support to build partnerships or collaborations in the bioeconomy.

Under the European Regional Development Programme business assist scheme, which supports SMEs in developing bio-based products and processes, the BDC researched the benefits and potential adverse effects of ACV on the skin, as well as determining recommended dilution rates.

Moreover, the research project explored relevant cosmetic regulations in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (EU) and their implications for GinGingers' products and provided guidance in terms of product labeling, marketing, claims and anecdotal evidence. The BDC’s comprehensive report equipped GinGingers with valuable knowledge and confidence to proceed with the production and commercialisation of their first product. This collaboration has also sparked the development of a second product currently in progress.

Tina, Owner of GinGingers said:

The BDC have taken away any doubt I had in my product and replaced it with a justified confidence, the help I received has had a massive impact on the future of GinGingers, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Today, GinGingers products undergo thorough safety testing, hold certifications for being natural and cruelty-free, and utilise packaging made from 50% post-consumer recycled plastic, which is fully recyclable. The company prioritises sustainably sourced ingredients, and their cold manufacturing processes contribute to reducing energy consumption.

Exploring cosmetic regulations