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Come and meet us at CHEMUK 2024

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the next CHEMUK expo in May.

Wednesday 15th May 10.30am, Stage 5

Dr Mark Gronnow, our Process Development Unit Manager will join the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre's panel session

Build and Scale for a Biobased Future

Engineering Biology is a transformative technology that introduces engineering principles to biology, to design, scale, and commercialise biology derived products. Engineering Biology plays an increasingly critical role in sustainability, and the UK’s journey to Net Zero. Its importance was recently recognised by the UK Government when they announced £2 billion of investment into Engineering Biology over the next 10 years. 

This session will explore all the building blocks needed to transition from chemical processing to bioprocessing. We will hear from industry and academia, highlighting the benefits Engineering Biology has brought to the development of sustainable end products. We will also introduce the UK’s support landscape for the design, build, test, and scaling of novel products and processes harnessing the power of Engineering Biology.





Opening Remarks

Dr Lynsey Dunbar - IBioIC Chair


Academic Perspective

Prof Stephen Wallace, University of Edinburgh (confirmed)


Industry Perspective

Dr Galvin Leung, Impact Solutions (confirmed)


Early stage development (design, build, test)

Dr Rennos Fragkoudis, Edinburgh Genome Foundry (confirmed)


Early stage development (design, build, test)

Dr Tessa Moses, EdinOmics (confirmed)


Small scale

 Dr Neil Renault, IBioIC FlexBio


Pilot scale

Dr Mark Gronnow, Biorenewables Development Centre (confirmed)


Demo scale

Dr Judith Huggan, CPI (confirmed)





Session close


Wednesday 15th May, 1.20pm, Stage 2

Keynote speech by our Director, Dr Mark Corbett. 

Scaling-up our ambition: the role of UK bio-based manufacturing in making the future.

There is an urgent need to accelerate the transition to Net Zero and beyond, building towards a future of prosperous and environmentally positive industries. Bio-based products and processes will be one of the key technologies for de-fossilising the chemicals industry, promising sustainable routes to new and established chemistries. The Biorenewables Development Centre is an open-access translational research and scale-up facility based in York supporting innovation to realise sustainable economic and environmental value across the bioeconomy. The Centre hosts a unique concentration of expertise and facilities to support development of bio-based products and processes, with a proven track record of enabling our customers to achieve commercialisation.

This presentation explores the potential and opportunities for chemicals and materials manufacturing in the circular bioeconomy using case studies drawn from the Biorenewables Development Centre’s portfolio.  


To find out more about our work, you can also visit our exhibition stand, find us on A110.  

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