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Showcasing new innovations and collaborations from THYME

Showcasing new innovations and collaborations from THYME

A new brochure brings together a series of case studies to showcase what the project has achieved in its first three years. The universities of York, Hull and Teesside have found new and innovative ways to work together and to reach out to bio-based businesses and other regional stakeholders. The links they have forged and the best practice in knowledge transfer they have developed will make a lasting contribution to the region’s bioeconomy.

Through a range of activities such as networking events, proof-of concept grants, bio-based workshops, secondments, entrepreneurship support and knowledge transfer materials the project has galvanised research and innovation activity.

The innovations kick-started by THYME will not only help to boost economic growth but also pave the way to a more sustainable future where industry uses renewable sources of raw materials, such as plants and microbes, rather than petrochemicals. 

THYME is led by the University of York and delivered in partnership with the Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) and BioVale

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